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Fan community dedicated to Hikaru Midorikawa.

Hello and welcome to hikarus_bar the Livejournal community dedicated to singer, seiyuu, and lovable nutcase: Hikaru Midorikawa!

Known from several anime series, video games, BL dramas, radio broadcasts (the list is endless!), it's next to impossible to ignore this man's presence in the seiyuu world. Here you may discuss all things Midorin: fangirling, drooling, all posts are encouraged as long they’re related to Midorin in some way.

Admit it, you can't escape his appeal. Give him and his projects the attention and appreciation they deserve, share the love with other fans, and most importantly - enjoy yourself!

As this is a relatively small community, we welcome all participation. Don't be shy, we're always looking for someone to help out with occasional translations or summaries of Midorin’s online diary or other Japanese sources... feel free to post summaries, snippets or translations.
~ Stay on-topic. You are welcome to post pretty much everything you want, including questions, as long as it's related to Midorikawa Hikaru. Off-topic posts may result in deletion of the post. When unsure, email the moderator with your question.

~ Be respectful. Having a different opinion doesn't entitle you to harass other members. Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. (Ya know, "treat others like you want to be treated in return"...) Trolls will be banned.

~ Sharing. You're welcome to share whatever you want, whenever, as long as it's on-topic. However, hotlinking and direct linking are strictly prohibited. You can link to a file on your own server, or you can use file-hosting services.

~ Be courteous. No one's going to feel encouraged to share tidbits and go through the hazzle of translating if there isn't any feedback. Comment, people! Not because I say so, but because it's common sense and polite.

~ Picture sharing is highly encouraged. However, when posting long posts or larger pictures, please use a LJ-cut in your post. Also, consider f-locking your post.

~ Introduction posts are welcome, but not obligatory. But feel free to introduce yourself and tell us more about your infatuation - what is your favorite role or game, which song is your favorite and why? Has it been love on the first tune or is it acquired taste...?

. . .

Hopefully his fan community will grow and be a place to get in touch with other fans. Feel free to bring up whatever you like, as long as it stays on topic. The fascination shall be spread! =^_^=

This community's name was inspired by Hikaru Midorikawa's old website, Hikaru's Bar.

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